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More than 25,000 small communities dot the nation's countryside. Many of these towns are served by civic volunteers who provide life-saving fire protection, emergency medical assistance, and other critical public services. "Main Street" is still a gathering magnet for many. Skilled craftspeople, talented restaurateurs, and other visionary entrepreneurs thrive there. They're home to millions of folks whose stories don't often get told. The mission of the Discover Small Town America tour is to spotlight some of these places and their hometown heroes

On The Road Again

The Discover Small Town America Tour 2.0 crew has hit the road again in its quest to “discover” more awesome, off-the-beaten-path places, and extraordinary people who live there. It will take us from Longboat Key, FL to and through the country's Heartland, then East - finally returning to the Gulf Coast. Stay tuned…

Spotlight on Countryside Towns 

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